Factors contributing to the success of laser tattoo removal

There are several factors that determine how many treatments will be needed and the level of success one might experience.

Age of tattoo, ink density, colour and even where the tattoo is located on the body, and whether the tattoo was professional, or not, all play an important role in how many treatments will be needed for complete removal. However, a rarely recognized factor of tattoo removal is the role of the client’s immune response. 

The normal process of tattoo removal is fragmentation followed by phagocytosis which is then drained away via the lymphatics. Consequently, it is the inflammation resulting from the actual laser treatment and the natural stimulation of the hosts’ immune response that ultimately results in removal of tattoo ink; thus, variations in results are enormous.


Post Care Instructions

Immediately post treatment a soothing lotion (such as Aloe Vera) will be applied to the skin, cooling gel packs may be applied if required. 

This is written information about aftercare following IPL treatment.

· Avoid rough handling of the treated area;

· Do not use hot water, only lukewarm water to shower for up to 72 hrs post treatment.

· Keep the area clean and dry and avoid wearing tight clothing;

· Leave any skin responses alone, these are temporary and will subside;

· Don’t pick or scratch the treated area and don't intentionally burst blisters; large blisters may need to be managed by a healthcare professional;

· Avoid swimming in strong chlorinated water, steam/sauna, vigorous exercise or any activity that makes you sweat profusely for up to 48 hrs post treatment.

· Always wear sun protection of at least SPF 30+ on the treatment areas especially for body areas that cannot avoid sun exposure (such as the face, forearms, etc.). Post-treatment, mineral make up (i.e. zinc or titanium oxide based) is recommended to block the skin from UV exposure.

· Avoid exposing the treated body areas to strong sunlight (beach holidays or sun beds) for the duration of the LASER or IPL treatment course and for at least two weeks after treatment.

· Avoid the use of normal makeup for 4-5 days if possible while the skin is sensitive;

· Avoid shaving the treated area until completely healed (5-10 days);

· Maintain high standards of hygiene in the skin area for several days following treatment, and

· Hydrate the body by drinking plenty of water;

· Apply professionally recommended soothing agents (e.g. Aloe Vera gel) to the treated area. Do not use any product containing perfume or chemicals e.g. alpha-hydroxy fruit acid peels (AHAs) for at least 72 hrs post treatment.

NB. Hot and humid weather conditions can aggravate skin in the period immediately following treatment. Some treatments will have specific aftercare instructions and the correct aftercare sheet must be given for each treatment.


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